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I Like To Meet New People If You Know What I Mean. Loving The Site ;)

Kelly, Essex
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Are You Looking For A Discreet Fling?

These days it seems like everyone is up to something naughty… Maybe it's because it's so much fun! At AdultFlings, we provide a safe and private environment for people looking to meet for casual hookups without anyone knowing or judging. Our dating site is full of people who are all seeking the same thing: some light hearted dates without any strings. Discretion is the name of the game here, and our members understand that what happens here stays here!

Naughty Dating

A lot of new members ask us what really happens behind closer doors at The first thing we like to point out is that it's a much friendlier environment here than people seem to expect. We're not one of those casual dating sites where everyone is some kind of predator or deviant. We have built a community of like-minded folk who happen to prefer the physical side of relationships. That doesn't mean that just because we are all a little naughty that people don't also get on. We've got a vibrant group of people who also sometimes become friends - it just so happens to be friends with benefits!


Secret Dating

Secret dating can start off very exciting but rapidly become quite stressful unless you follow some rules. Many people blur the lines between a casual relationship and a full-blown rest-of-your-life one. This can cause challenges when it comes to maintaining boundaries and also keeping the spice in the arrangement. So how do you avoid this? Maintain enough mystery and separation with your fling partner! This doesn't mean you have to be cold or treat it as a transaction - it just means try to keep that 'honeymoon' period going. Hint: they don't need to know about your career stresses or do any mundane tasks with you.